All of this information applies to Victor Drug as well as Corner Drug. Even though both our locations are commonly owned, the same transfer rules apply to both locations. We make it very easy to transfer. Give us a call if you have any questions.

How do I transfer a prescription from another pharmacy?

Corner Drug tries to make it easy for you to fill your prescriptions with us. Since a prescription is only valid at one pharmacy at a time, the easiest way to transfer a prescription is to bring your current bottle to the pharmacy where you want to fill it. Or click here to do it online! The pharmacist then calls the pharmacy on the bottle’s label and transfers it to the new pharmacy. Some medications are limited on the number of times they can be transferred. Remember to present your insurance card when you do this and it will save you time when you pick up your medication.

How do I request a prescription refill?

Refills are very easy to request. You can call us at 208-354-2334 and give the pharmacist or tech the prescription number on your bottle’s label, or you can do it online. You may notice that each label has the number of refills remaining. Online refill requests from your computer or smartphone are available now. Online requests can be made by signing up here or you can enroll in text reminders and refills by letting the pharmacy know your cell phone number.

My bottle label says there are refills left but the pharmacy says that it is expired. What does that mean?

Idaho law says that all prescriptions are good for a maximum of one year from the date written. Some medications are only allowed six months before they expire. Other states may be different regarding this issue.

What happens if I am out of refills or my prescription is expired?

We will contact your physician’s office for you and request more refills. Most doctor offices ask for at least 24 hours to process these requests. Of course, sometimes the answer back from the doctor is ” no more refills” or “patient must be seen first”. You can help with this process by not waiting until the Friday evening you are leaving on vacation to refill your medication as we cannot guarantee how fast your doctor responds to refill requests.

I want to request refills online. Do you offer that service?

Yes, online refill requests are made by signing up here.

Do you accept my insurance? How about Medicare Part D?

Corner Drug is part of a nationwide co-op of independent pharmacies called United Drug. What this means to you is that Corner Drug has contracts with most major (and minor) insurance plans across the country which allows us to be very competitive for selection and prices. We accept almost all Medicare Part D insurance. Please present your insurance card when you drop off a new prescription if you are a new customer or have made any changes to your plan.


How do you figure what my copay will be?

Your copay is determined by your individual insurance plan. Corner Drug pharmacy will input your prescription and send it electronically to your insurance plan and they will approve of the medication or not and tell us what to charge you for a copay? Insurance plans have a “formulary” which is a list of the medications they will pay for. Most insurances offer a tiered copay structure for generic and brand-name drugs that are listed on their formulary. Given that there are literally thousands of different plans, usually the only way to know what your copay will be is to send it to them and see what they say. Yearly deductibles are common for most insurance plans.

Can I get more than a 30 day supply?

This depends on the medication, on what your doctor has prescribed, and also on your insurance. Some insurance plans will limit you to a 30 day supply while others will allow a 90 day supply to be dispensed. Customers paying cash (without insurance) may have other options; ask the pharmacist what choices you have.