Soda Fountain Menu


The soda fountain at Corner Drug uses real ice cream to make milkshakes, not soft serve stuff like the fast food places.  This means that it may take a few extra minutes to get your fix but it is sure worth the wait.  Browse the toystore while you wait or look through the Idaho and Teton Valley souvenirs.  Your shakes will be ready before you know it!

During the summer months we offer our signature drink called the Fresh Lime Freeze.  Many people have tried to get their hands on the secret recipe for this mouth watering milkshake but there are no counterfeits.  Try one during the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

The fountain is open year-round and “yes” we do get asked to make milkshakes during the winter blizzards that afflict Teton Valley.  Teton Valley’s location makes for a great snowpack that brings in the skiers and snowmachiners alike and Corner Drug is central to it all.  Many stop in on their way by for an ice cream fix.