Have you ever looked at what is on the pharmacy label?  Corner Drug Pharmacy  in Driggs is here to help you understand how to get the most from your pharmacy experience.  Today I will share with you a pharmacy label and help you understand what and where the important information is. Here is an example of a pharmacy label.  Different pharmacies will have a different

Corner Drug Pharmacy in Driggs wants you to know the proper way to dispose of unused medication (The following is taken from www.fda.gov regarding drug disposal) Most drugs can be thrown in the household trash, but consumers should take certain precautions before tossing them out, According to the FDA. Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet unless the information on the drug label specifically

Are you getting ready for the first annual Corner Drug LEGO Contest? I don’t think anything like this has ever been done in Driggs or Victor before, let alone the rest of Teton Valley. We are not aware of any pharmacies having a contest like this, but we think it will be a great way to help pass the winter-time blues. In case you haven’t

We announced the LEGO contest this week and it has been getting lots of attention from moms as well as kids.  We have detail flyers at the store as well as on our Facebook page and on this site under Toystore / Toy Specials. I see lots of kids on their knees as they crawl around in the store checking out the newest releases from

Corner Drug’s LEGO Building Contest  3 Age Categories 0-5 years    Winner receives $10 Gift Certificate 6-11 years Winner receives $25 Gift Certificate 12-18 yrs   Winner receives $50 Gift Certificate All entries must be received by Thursday, March 8th at 6 pm and final judging will be at noon on Saturday, March 10th.  Entries must be an original creation.  Entries will be accepted March 1-8th

The LEGO shipment has arrived at Corner Drug Pharmacy!  We have the newest releases and some of the older favorites.  LEGOs are fun for all age groups from 1 1/2 to 106 years.  I say 106 years because that’s how long Corner Drug has been serving Teton Valley and Driggs, Idaho area with everything from prescriptions to sunglasses to fishing licenses. Details on our winter

Let’s say you go on a trip and after you arrive at your destination you realize that you have either forgotten your medicine or do not have enough pills to last until you return home.  It isn’t the end of the world.  Just find a pharmacy (Corner Drug Pharmacy recommends a locally owned independent instead of a large chain pharmacy, you will get faster and

So now that we have the prescription entered into the computer, counted out and ready to hand out; how can the customer make this go better? First, if you have changed insurance since the last time you had anything filled, please present your new insurance card when you drop off the prescription.  This is probably the second biggest bottleneck after regular insurance problems.  Many times

The countdown has begun!  Every year at this time my brain goes completely blank as to what to get my wife for V-Day.  One thing I do know is… is…see I’ve already forgotten what I was even going to say. My wife suggested this as a topic for today’s blog and my first thought was ” Am I being set up?”  So I asked her

So what happens next in the pharmacy? I remember when in college, my wife had a prescription she asked me to pick up.  I dropped it off at the pharmacy counter and waited and waited.  I couldn’t understand what could be taking so long since all they had to do was put a label on the bottle and count to thirty, right?  And there weren’t