by A Myler

The annual Lego Building contest is coming soon to Corner Drug. More details to be announced soon! Like us on Facebook to learn more…

Corner Drug is pleased to announce that there is once again a Bookstore in Driggs, Idaho.  We will focus on children’s books and have already sold quite a few as the books arrive and are put on the shelf.  New orders are arriving at least weekly and we will special order for you with no extra charge.  Hundreds of titles already on the shelf.  Stop

by A Myler

For all you thinking about visiting Teton Valley, Idaho (home of Corner Drug) this is what a sunrise looks like as it comes up behind the Grand Teton.  Be sure to stop in and see us at the Drugstore for any pharmacy needs you may need.  While we take care of your needs, the kids can get a treat from the old fashioned soda fountain,

Corner Drug’s Soda Fountain in Driggs has stopped making the Fresh Lime Freeze as of Labor Day 2012.  But we will start again on Memorial Day weekend 2013!  It might appear again for special engagements in the interim.  Thanks for your support of the best little pharmacy in Idaho!

Back2School_Sale2012The Back to School sale is in full swing at the drugstore in Driggs, Idaho.  Lots of people are still finishing up their summer vacations and stopping in the soda fountain for a refreshing treat during the heat of the summer.  Sale items will go fast so come check it out!

The day we have been waiting for is finally here.  Corner Drug, home of Teton Valley’s Fresh Lime Freeze will start serving our signature drink this Friday through Labor Day. If you have never had a FLF before you got to try one next time you come to the pharmacy located in downtown Driggs.  It is part Fresh Lime drink, combined with crushed ice, and

Due to increasing government regulations, Corner Drug will not be participating in Medicare Part B effective 4/15/12. Medicare Part B is the Medicare segment that deals with DME or “Durable Medical Equipment”.  This consists of billing Medicare Part B for wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, oxygen, ostomy supplies and don’t ask me why but “diabetic test strips” are also included in this segment. The Medicare diabetic

The Soda Fountain has seen pretty steady traffic the last few days since the weather has been decent.  We have had several customers asking about our Fresh Lime Freeze.  While we may start making them earlier this year, we usually start them over the Memorial Day weekend.  If you haven’t tried one then come on in and order yourself an old fashioned treat from the

Spring in Teton Valley and Driggs area means dealing with Mudseason and the back and forth weather pattern of glorious warm days followed by a freeze-your-butt-off cold windy days Spring time for many of the valley locals means calving time.  (For the city folks who might be reading this it means that the ranchers had their cows impregnated last summer by a certain day to

Spring in Teton Valley, Idaho is not the same as most places.  It is actually just the beginning of what is known affectionately as “mud season”.  Sometimes a few other colorful adjectives are added to the name depending on the day’s weather Depending on the springlike weather, Mudseason can last well into June around here. Just because the snowpack has melted or started to melt