Who doesn’t enjoy a good back scratch? My horse takes advantage of the sand on the Teton Valley Pavilion this winter after a ride.  

Teton Valley Idaho usually gets its share of snow.  So much snow that we celebrate it every January with the Great Teton Valley Snowfest.  The highlight for us is the snow sculptures that are next door at the city plaza.  Some are pretty detailed and inspiring.  Corner Drug is proud to help sponsor this event each year.

The Teton Valley Snowfest recently wrapped up and the snow sculptures this year were impressive.  Many thanks to the volunteers and others who help make this happen. We have had a decent winter this year as far as snowfall is concerned.  Many areas of SE Idaho are well over their average numbers for this time of year.  Even the Boise area has gotten more than

by A Myler

In what many are saying as the driest winter they can remember, one doesn’t have to look very far to see that while this year is out of the ordinary, it is not something that has not happened before.  A good customer of ours, an older lady, tells the story how the year she was born, (I think she said 1940?) was a year similar

Well winter arrived several weeks early this year.  Judging by the amount of snow on the ground already it looks to be a long cold winter too.  Some people really love winter and some really despise it.  I dont mind winter but the secret is to have something to do outside during the winter that you enjoy.  Get out and ski, snowmobile, shovel snow or

Back to School sale starts today at Corner Drug.  We have all the basics and some of the not so basic.  Soda Fountain is open all day!

KPVI Channel Six News did a nice segment about the historic drugstore in Driggs, Idaho on 3/27/14.  It reviews the history of the store beginning with Jack Harper (current owner’s great-grandfather). Jim Hunter (current owners’s father) talks about helping out when he was a kid.  Sally Myler (current owner) even speaks of working for her dad in her youth.  We think it turned out great!. 

by A Myler

Corner Drug is #53 on the new Idaho Bucket List that every Idahoan should do.  Have you tried the soda fountain?  More than once? Idaho Bucket-List-75-things-all-idahoans-should-try-least-once

by A Myler

Corner Drug Pharmacy is excited to announce that online refill request is available at Corner Drug in Driggs.  The website is available through your home computer or smartphone at  www.refillRX.com This service is provided at no charge to our customers!   Simply go to this website and it will walk you through creating an account (one time process) and then you can start requesting refills

Last call for the famous Fresh Lime Freeze at Corner Drug.  We traditionally stop making the tasty treat on Labor Day weekend at the end of each summer.  And summer seems to be coming to a rapid conclusion around here. But you still have a few days left to try out the Famous Fresh Lime Freeze.  If you wait to long, we will start making