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Have you ever looked at what is on the pharmacy label?  Corner Drug Pharmacy  in Driggs is here to help you understand how to get the most from your pharmacy experience.  Today I will share with you a pharmacy label and help you understand what and where the important information is.

Here is an example of a pharmacy label.  Different pharmacies will have a different looking label but all the basic information will be the same.

In the Blue Box is Corner Drug Pharmacy information including the phone number.  All pharmacy labels will have the dispensing pharmacy information on the label which is why it is helpful to bring your bottle with you to transfer to Corner Drug.

Directly below the blue box it says Rx# 330632.  That is what is known as the prescription number.  Every prescription gets assigned a unique number to that pharmacy.  This number is an easy way to refer to your prescription when calling in refills without having to stumble over awkward pronunciations, (although we do enjoy some of the attempts).

To the right of the number is the pharmacist initials who filled the prescription and the date of that fill.

The next two lines are patient information and address.  If we have an old address in our computer, please let us know so we can update this along with a current phone number.  Our software also lets us send a text message when your refills are ready so if you want that service please share your cell phone number.

Under the patient is the directions for taking the medication that the doctor gave us on the prescription.  If the doctor told you different from what it says please let us know so we can verify with the physician which directions to use.  This becomes important when getting a refill if the insurance thinks a 30 day supply is one pill a day, but the doctor told you to take two pills a day.

Then we come to the name of the medication and it’s strength.  Off to the right is the manufacturer of the medication. Next line shows the quantity and often the brand or generic name is printed for reference.

The name of the prescribing doctor is printed and under the name is a recommended discard date.  This date usually is one year from the date dispensed.

Then the label will show the number of refills remaining along with the expiration date of the prescription.  Sometimes your label may show refills remaining but the expiration date has passed.  In Idaho, pharmacy prescriptions are only good for one year (some controlled medications are less time) at which time they expire and the pharmacy will need a new prescription. Corner Drug Pharmacy will contact your doctor for you to request more refills/new prescription but it is the doctor’s discretion to do this or you may need to be seen before they authorize more medication.

If you have any questions about your pharmacy label please ask us.

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Unused Medication

Corner Drug Pharmacy in Driggs wants you to know the proper way to dispose of unused medication

(The following is taken from regarding drug disposal)

Most drugs can be thrown in the household trash, but consumers should take certain precautions before tossing them out, According to the FDA.

Do not flush prescription drugs down the toilet unless the information on the drug label specifically instructs you to do so.

Take advantage of community drug take-back programs that allow the public to bring unused drugs to a central location for proper disposal.  Call your city or county trash service to see if such a program is available in your community.

If no instructions are given on the drug label and no take-back program is available in your area, throw the drugs in the household trash, but first take them out of their original containers and mix them with an undesirable substance, such as used coffee grounds or kitty litter.  The medication will be less appealing to children and pets, and unrecognizable to people who may intentionally go through your trash.  Also, put them in a sealable bag, empty can, or other container to prevent the medication from leaking or breaking out of a garbage bag.

For more information, visit


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Are you getting ready for the first annual Corner Drug LEGO Contest?

I don’t think anything like this has ever been done in Driggs or Victor before, let alone the rest of Teton Valley. We are not aware of any pharmacies having a contest like this, but we think it will be a great way to help pass the winter-time blues.

In case you haven’t heard, Corner Drug Pharmacy and Toystore is sponsoring a LEGO Contest.

Starting March 1, 2012 we will start accepting entries and have them on display in the window boxes at Corner Drug Pharmacy.

1.  All entries must be an original creation.  (Not a “kit” that you followed the directions to put together.  Slightly modified creations from kits will be judged as non-original creations.)

2.  All entries must be entered by March 8 at 6 pm.  If you would not like your creation to be displayed at the store you may bring it in for us to see and we will take several pictures of it for the judges to use.

3.  Entries that are on display remain the property of the creator and Corner Drug is not responsible for lost, missing or damaged items.  (We really don’t expect any problems, but this needs to be understood by contestants.  If you are worried about your entry, have us take a picture for the contest and you can take it back home with you).   We have had several people ask about bringing a very large size item in.  We will try to accommodate these entries as best as possible but space may become an issue.

4.  Judging will take place on Saturday March 10, 2012 with the winner announced at noon that day.  Saturday morning we will have some LEGO oriented refreshments and games starting about 10 am.

5.  Entries must be picked up by 6 pm on March 10.  Again, Corner Drug is not responsible for lost, missing or damaged items.

6.  Contestants will fill out an Entry Form and agree to the terms of the contest.  Contestants will be given a coupon at the time of entry that can be exchanged for a free ice cream cone at the Corner Drug Soda Fountain.

Since this is the first year we have done this, rules may be modified and decisions by owners are final.  We are doing this for fun and hope that everyone who participates has fun.

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We announced the LEGO contest this week and it has been getting lots of attention from moms as well as kids.  We have detail flyers at the store as well as on our Facebook page and on this site under Toystore / Toy Specials.

I see lots of kids on their knees as they crawl around in the store checking out the newest releases from LEGO like Ninjago.  I know some kids are already “spending” their winning gift certificate on more LEGOs.

If you’re kids have any creations that they would like to have me post here, please send them to me at  (Submitted pictures should not have any children in them.  We reserve the right to choose which pictures are posted; in other words keep it tasteful.)


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Corner Drug’s

LEGO Building Contest

 3 Age Categories

0-5 years    Winner receives $10 Gift Certificate

6-11 years Winner receives $25 Gift Certificate

12-18 yrs   Winner receives $50 Gift Certificate

All entries must be received by Thursday, March 8th at 6 pm and final judging will be at noon on Saturday, March 10thEntries must be an original creation.  Entries will be accepted March 1-8th and will be on display in the windows of Corner Drug.  All entries will get a gift certificate for an ice cream cone from the Soda Fountain. Call 354-2334 if you have questions.

 Special LEGO savings March 1-10th

Buy one LEGO set and get the second

LEGO set 25% off!

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The LEGO shipment has arrived at Corner Drug Pharmacy!  We have the newest releases and some of the older favorites.  LEGOs are fun for all age groups from 1 1/2 to 106 years.  I say 106 years because that’s how long Corner Drug has been serving Teton Valley and Driggs, Idaho area with everything from prescriptions to sunglasses to fishing licenses.

Details on our winter LEGO contest will be announced soon…

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Let’s say you go on a trip and after you arrive at your destination you realize that you have either forgotten your medicine or do not have enough pills to last until you return home.  It isn’t the end of the world.  Just find a pharmacy (Corner Drug Pharmacy recommends a locally owned independent instead of a large chain pharmacy, you will get faster and more personal service) and ask to have your prescriptions transferred to wherever you are.  The easiest way to do this is take your empty bottle to the new pharmacy. The bottle’s label contains all the information needed except your insurance card.  If you do not have your bottles, you need to provide the new pharmacy with your old pharmacy phone number and what medication you need transferred.  Don’t forget to show them your insurance card.

If you forgot your medication the insurance will think that you’re trying to “refill to soon” at the new pharmacy.  You will probably need to pay the cash price for enough pills to get you back home since the insurance knows you already filled it and will not pay for an early refill. If you are about ready to refill your medication anyway, then the insurance may let it go through.

Usually the entire prescription including all refills gets transferred and will need to be transferred back to your home pharmacy when you return so don’t throw away that bottle (it has the phone number of the pharmacy).  Be aware that different states have different rules regarding the number of times a prescription can be transferred.  New York state actually only lets one refill get transferred.  Controlled substances (sleeping pills, pain medication) can only be transferred once.  If refills remain at the vacation site your hometown pharmacy will need to call doctor to get a new prescription.  Prescription transfers can only be done if there are refills available on the original prescription.

Corner Drug Pharmacy in Driggs, Idaho offers same day transfers as long as we can contact your pharmacy by phone during their business hours.  We accept most major insurance plans such as Medicare and Idaho Medicaid and many more.  Ask our pharmacist if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

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So now that we have the prescription entered into the computer, counted out and ready to hand out; how can the customer make this go better?

First, if you have changed insurance since the last time you had anything filled, please present your new insurance card when you drop off the prescription.  This is probably the second biggest bottleneck after regular insurance problems.  Many times people drop off the script and it is ready for them when they return to get it but then find out we had to run it for cash because the insurance on file is no longervalid.  Then they have to wait while we  input the new insurance and figure out the secret code.  The good news is once the secret code for your insurance has been deciphered it stays in the computer (until the insurance company changes it again).  The other good news is that Corner Drug Pharmacy has been filling prescriptions and billing insurance in the Driggs (Teton Valley) area for over 100 years and we are about as good as anyone at making this work smoothly.  Also, as your small town drugstore, we probably know you on a first name basis and the nick-names and family relationships that can throw a new pharmacy off.

Second if you are in need of a refill (that is when the physician originally authorizes multiple fills on a prescription) you can request them in advance either by telephone, by computer/smartphone, or in person and then pick them up at a later time.  If you call the refill in you simply need to give us the prescription number located on your bottle’s label and we take it from there.  You don’t even have to try and say some of those long names, although we do enjoy some of the attempts at pronunciation.  (Corner Drug Pharmacy is almost ready to go live with an online refill system).  We are also proud of the fact that our average refill time is 15 minutes or less.

You can know if you have any refills remaining by simply looking at the label from your most recent fill.  It will state the number of refills remaining. Most pharmacies print this information on their labels.  If it says zero and you need more, understand that your physician will need to authorize more refills for you.  Corner Drug Pharmacy will contact your physician of record and request more refills on your behalf, but you must initiate the process first.  Also please be aware that most physician offices ask for a 24-48 hour turnaround on these requests.

A little more info about refills.  Most prescriptions in Idaho are only good for 12 months from the date they are written.  Some are only good for 6 months depending on the medication.  Understand that if your doctor writes 99 refills, that is medical code for refills as long as the prescription is valid.

I have several sister-in laws who are nurses and one of them is fond of the saying “Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”  What this means is don’t wait to refill your medication the Friday night before you are to leave on a two week cruise Saturday morning.

Next time I will share how to go about transferring your prescriptions to Corner Drug…

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The countdown has begun!  Every year at this time my brain goes completely blank as to what to get my wife for V-Day.  One thing I do know is… is…see I’ve already forgotten what I was even going to say.

My wife suggested this as a topic for today’s blog and my first thought was ” Am I being set up?”  So I asked her “Am I going to get in trouble for something I say on here?”

Her response was simply that she “has no expectations anymore”.  Well that makes me feel good.

I have good intentions and I really do love my wife.  After all she is my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I am just not good at buying gifts for any sort of holiday or special occasion.  But I do have good intentions honey, really!

There always seems to be a few guys out there who excel at making the rest of us look bad, really bad.  My father-in law is a great guy but he falls into this category of making me look bad.  Every year my wife gets a call from her mom gushing over the thoughtful gifts (that’s right not just one) that she received.  My wife pretends to sound happy as she tells the breathtaking gift of socks again.  (You always say you needed socks, see I’m being thoughtful and paying attention).

Okay what does this have to do with Corner Drug?  Since my wife works there I feel that getting something from ourselves doesn’t count.  But that just means that you can get that thoughtful gift from Corner Drug.  We just started our Valentine Sale and have everything from cards to candy and more.  Over the next few weeks I will post ideas both here and on our Facebook account.

Maybe I can wait a few more days for the countdown to begin given I still have a whole two weeks before V-day.



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So what happens next in the pharmacy?

I remember when in college, my wife had a prescription she asked me to pick up.  I dropped it off at the pharmacy counter and waited and waited.  I couldn’t understand what could be taking so long since all they had to do was put a label on the bottle and count to thirty, right?  And there weren’t even any other customers in the store.  Well here is the answer to that secret…

Insurance problems are the number one bottle-neck in the pharmacy business.  It seems every single insurance company (and there are thousands) has their own little code system on their cards that must be exactly as they have it in their computer or it will not go through.  One good thing is that computers are getting better at giving a clue as to the nature of the problem.  I swear the number one reject message we see is “incorrect birthday”.  This is usually a simple fix but it means calling the number on the customer’s card, wading through the phone tree baloney, and hopefully getting to talk to a real person who can tell you what they have in their computer.  Sometimes they will not fix it without a call from the customer themselves.  All this can take from five to forty minutes.

So after the insurance has been processed, we double check the medication from the shelf with the printed pharmacy label and the written prescription and then we get to “count by fives”.

Then the pharmacist can hand out the medication.  The pharmacist does this so that the customer can ask questions and get any counseling that may be necessary.  We are also required to “sign out” all the prescriptions.  We do this at the cash register; other pharmacies do this at their pick up window.

Next time I will discuss how the customer can make this process faster for the customer…

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