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The day we have been waiting for is finally here.  Corner Drug, home of Teton Valley’s Fresh Lime Freeze will start serving our signature drink this Friday through Labor Day.

If you have never had a FLF before you got to try one next time you come to the pharmacy located in downtown Driggs.  It is part Fresh Lime drink, combined with crushed ice, and mixed with ice cream like a milkshake.  Of course, the secret syrup makes the FLF a valley favorite.

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Due to increasing government regulations, Corner Drug will not be participating in Medicare Part B effective 4/15/12.

Medicare Part B is the Medicare segment that deals with DME or “Durable Medical Equipment”.  This consists of billing Medicare Part B for wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, oxygen, ostomy supplies and don’t ask me why but “diabetic test strips” are also included in this segment.

The Medicare diabetic test strips made up a very small percentage of our business and Medicare has been steadily raising the fees associated with participating in this program.  Unfortunately, this means that Corner Drug will no longer be able to supply diabetic test strips for Medicare beneficiaries.  Affected customers had a personal letter and phone call made to them well prior to this change to help transition them to a new supplier.

Corner Drug does still stock diabetic test strips and sells them at a competitive street rate.  Please ask us about this meter and test strips if you would rather avoid being forced into mail order for your test strips as Medicare is doing.

Please understand that Medicare Part D is not affected by this decision.  Medicare Part D has to do with the prescription drug benefit.  Just about every senior participates in this Medicare benefit and they will not be affected by this change.

Corner Drug staff are ready to answer your questions about this recent change and encourage you to contact us at the pharmacy if you have any questions.  Thanks for yor continued loyalty and support of Corner Drug as we enter our second century of service to Teton Valley!

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The Soda Fountain has seen pretty steady traffic the last few days since the weather has been decent.  We have had several customers asking about our Fresh Lime Freeze.  While we may start making them earlier this year, we usually start them over the Memorial Day weekend.  If you haven’t tried one then come on in and order yourself an old fashioned treat from the fountain.

There are lots of other things you can try while you’re here. Ice cream cones, hot fudge sundaes and many flavors of hand mixed shakes from real ice cream.  We can even custom make something just the way you like it.

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Spring time means sun comes up north of the Tetons

Spring in Teton Valley and Driggs area means dealing with Mudseason and the back and forth weather pattern of glorious warm days followed by a freeze-your-butt-off cold windy days

Spring time for many of the valley locals means calving time.  (For the city folks who might be reading this it means that the ranchers had their cows impregnated last summer by a certain day to make sure that all the calves will be born on the coldest, windiest, stormiest days of the spring.)  This means that the ranchers get to be “on the go” for a couple of weeks until all the calves have “dropped” and made sure that they have a decent chance of growing enough in the summer to be able to survive the winter after getting weaned from their mothers in the fall.

Spring time also means getting out and riding/walking the fenceline to see what has fallen down over the winter and getting it back into serviceable shape for summer, hoping you can get at least one more summer before a total reconstruct is required.  There is not much worse that getting a call to say that the cows are out on the highway.  (This usually happens when you are in your Sunday clothes on the way to church.)  It also means cleaning the ditches before the water in the canals starts running.

Spring time means pulling the hoses out of the shed and turning on the sprinklers to see what may need to be fixed before the heat of summer arrives.  It means putting the snowmachines away and getting out the summer toys.  It means watching the dogs, cats and horses start to shed their winter coats and their hair blowing around the yard.

Spring time means taking a “yard tour” to see what plants and trees survived the winter.  It means watching the flower beds for signs of bulbs starting to poke up from the ground.  It means watching the trees start to bud and leaf out usually about a month later than out below.

Spring time at the drugstore means sweeping the sidewalks on a daily basis because of the dirt that gets deposited by the wind.  It means checking the soda fountain equipment to see what needs repaired or replaced before summer.  It means pulling out the soda fountain tables and chairs from storage to use again at the soda fountain.  It means (after Memorial Day) that Sally can go buy flowers to put in the window boxes and planters by the front door.  It means filling prescriptions for families that are leaving the area for a springbreak vacation.  It means watching the tourists come in with injuries suffered on the ski hill after getting hurt on the morning ice before it softens to a corn snow later in the day.

It means greeting “old” friends as they return to the valley from their winter houses somewhere south.

Given the above list of spring time chores I wonder just what it is that brings them back here year after year?


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Spring in Teton Valley, Idaho is not the same as most places.  It is actually just the beginning of what is known affectionately as “mud season”.  Sometimes a few other colorful adjectives are added to the name depending on the day’s weather

Depending on the springlike weather, Mudseason can last well into June around here.

Just because the snowpack has melted or started to melt is just nature’s way of tricking you to start thinking of planting a garden.  Anyone who has lived in Teton Valley for any length of time will admit that the earliest you can plant outside is to wait until after Memorial Day which is still three months away from the equinox that heralds the end of winter for most of the country.  Even then you can just about expect at least one good frost after Memorial Day.

I remember two years ago we actually had decent spring weather right up until what is known as April Fool’s Day.  We woke up to 12 inches of snow on April 1st.  April Fool’s!

Several weeks ago I decided that I was ready for spring as the snowbanks on the sides of my driveway had grown tall enough and frozen into a bobsled course that even the tractor struggled to push back any farther.

One redeeming quality of spring can be the reflection of the sunset in the puddles from the melting snow.


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LEGO Winners

by A Myler

Orion Bergstrom Winning Entry Age 10-12

Winners are: Age 0-5 yrs. Kai Jones, Age 6-9 yrs. Bode Calder, Age 10-12 Orion Bergstrom, Age 13-18 yrs. Taylor Moosman.  Will have all the entries on the gallery and Facebook soon.

This Contest was a big success and we are already making notes on how to make it even better next year!

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And the winner is… will be posted Saturday morning at 10 am (we were going to wait until noon but have had many requests to announce earlier) at Corner Drug and also posted here and our website later. We had almost seventy entries. We had to add an age category because we had so many entries in the 6-11 group. The breakdown ended up 0-5, 6-9, 10-12, 13-18. There will be some LEGO oriented games at the drugstore from 10-12 for anyone who just cant get enough…

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Corner Drug Pharmacy’s LEGO Contest is in full swing.  The first couple of days saw quite a few entries and some very excited contestants.  All entries are due this Thursday at 6 pm.  Winners will be announced on Saturday with refreshments and games.  We will also announce the winner of the Guessing Jar on Saturday.  If your entry is too large to fit in the window boxes, then after it is entered, you can take it home with you.  All entries are having their picture taken at the time of entry.  Call the store if you have any questions.

Remember this week only – Buy one LEGO set and get the second 25% off!

LEGO Contest Entry

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Corner Drug Pharmacy and Toystore will start accepting entries for the LEGO Contest this week.  Entries will be accepted from March 1st through the 8th with the deadline at 6pm.  Judging, games and refreshments will be on March 10th.  Please ask us if you have any questions!  Here are some examples of entries from non-eligible children.

LEGO Hovercraft Racers

LEGO Spaceship

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Have you ever looked at what is on the pharmacy label?  Corner Drug Pharmacy  in Driggs is here to help you understand how to get the most from your pharmacy experience.  Today I will share with you a pharmacy label and help you understand what and where the important information is.

Here is an example of a pharmacy label.  Different pharmacies will have a different looking label but all the basic information will be the same.

In the Blue Box is Corner Drug Pharmacy information including the phone number.  All pharmacy labels will have the dispensing pharmacy information on the label which is why it is helpful to bring your bottle with you to transfer to Corner Drug.

Directly below the blue box it says Rx# 330632.  That is what is known as the prescription number.  Every prescription gets assigned a unique number to that pharmacy.  This number is an easy way to refer to your prescription when calling in refills without having to stumble over awkward pronunciations, (although we do enjoy some of the attempts).

To the right of the number is the pharmacist initials who filled the prescription and the date of that fill.

The next two lines are patient information and address.  If we have an old address in our computer, please let us know so we can update this along with a current phone number.  Our software also lets us send a text message when your refills are ready so if you want that service please share your cell phone number.

Under the patient is the directions for taking the medication that the doctor gave us on the prescription.  If the doctor told you different from what it says please let us know so we can verify with the physician which directions to use.  This becomes important when getting a refill if the insurance thinks a 30 day supply is one pill a day, but the doctor told you to take two pills a day.

Then we come to the name of the medication and it’s strength.  Off to the right is the manufacturer of the medication. Next line shows the quantity and often the brand or generic name is printed for reference.

The name of the prescribing doctor is printed and under the name is a recommended discard date.  This date usually is one year from the date dispensed.

Then the label will show the number of refills remaining along with the expiration date of the prescription.  Sometimes your label may show refills remaining but the expiration date has passed.  In Idaho, pharmacy prescriptions are only good for one year (some controlled medications are less time) at which time they expire and the pharmacy will need a new prescription. Corner Drug Pharmacy will contact your doctor for you to request more refills/new prescription but it is the doctor’s discretion to do this or you may need to be seen before they authorize more medication.

If you have any questions about your pharmacy label please ask us.

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