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The foundation cement work is done and we’re hoping to start framing ASAP before winter decides to really bear down on us.  We have been getting lots of good comments about the new store and people are excited to have  a pharmacy in Victor again.

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We are pleased to announce that we will break ground soon for our second location in Victor, Idaho.  The new location will be adjacent to the new Victor Health Clinic operated by Teton Valley Healthcare.

Opening Summer 2018

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We are excited to announce the location of our second location to be built in Victor, Idaho starting this fall. Find more information on our new Victor Drug Facebook page. Opening Summer 2018!

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I don’t know here it went but Summer 2017 has come and gone.

We had a whirlwind summer here at the drugstore.  Seems like as soon as the spring rains settled down, it was the Fourth of July which is always a pretty big weekend for us.  Then girls camps, scout camps, family reunions, Teton County Idaho fair, and then the moment that we have been waiting for for several years…the Total Eclipse.  Driggs happened to be in the line of the total eclipse which meant that we had people from all over the world travel here to see it.   I have to say that I really didn’t get all the hype, but I have to admit that the Totality event was really cool!  It really did get dark and the streetlights came on and the aura around the moon was awesome.  Most people where I was watching broke into cheers and applause when it happened.  The total eclipse shadow lasted for over two minutes and just like that it was gone.  I’m glad that I got to see it and happy that the massive predicted crowds didn’t pan out as predicted.  Don’t get me wrong, we had plenty of people here, but not the parallelizing crowds that some people were preparing for.  I guess that the traffic heading back to Utah that afternoon was beyond horrible and it did turn the interstate into a parking lot.  Glad I was not in that mess.

State Fair always coincides with the start of school here and my daughter won a couple more ribbons there with the horse. Now we only have old man winter to look forward to.  Bring it on!

Teton Valley Idaho Eclipse

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Corner Drug has started a Birthday Party Registry.  The way it works is before your child has a birthday or party, bring them into Corner Drug and register them by selecting a few toys or gifts that they would like to receive.  You can simply write down a description or name of the toy and/or the suggested dollar limit.  Your invited guests can then come into Corner Drug and ask to see the list and hopefully make a purchase based on your choices.  This way the child may avoid duplicate presents or receive things that the parent doesn’t approve of.  The child will get a certificate for a free ice cream cone by registering.  Please contact Sally or Amber for questions…

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I recently talked on the phone with a young lady in Texas about upgrading our store website to be HTTPS compliant.  During the conversation she asked where I was calling from and I answered her “Idaho”.  She mentioned that she had never been to Idaho and didn’t even sound very confident that she knew where Idaho even was.

She said that she has lived her whole life in Texas and started to tell me how she had went out this winter and bought a “coat” but hadn’t had a chance to wear it yet this winter.

I asked her if she knew where Jackson Hole, Wyoming was and she hadn’t heard of Jackson Hole but thought that she knew where Wyoming was.

She asked if it got cold here and also mentioned that she had never seen snow.  I said that I would send her some in the mail and she was so excited.  I didn’t get a discount on the website upgrade despite my generous offer of the snow.

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Well we had a spring teaser a couple weeks ago and we all knew it was too good to be true.  Some folks in Idaho were not impressed as the early warm up has caused some severe flooding.  While the warm up

Spring Driving in Idaho

did melt all the ice off the roads and parking lots, it didn’t last long.  Yesterday I drove out to see my mom for her birthday and this is what I saw almost all the way home.  Becoming a snow bird is starting to sound more and more appealing…

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good back scratch? My horse takes advantage of the sand on the Teton Valley Pavilion this winter after a ride.


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Teton Valley Idaho usually gets its share of snow.  So much snow that we celebrate it every January with the Great Teton Valley Snowfest.  The highlight for us is the snow sculptures that are next door at the city plaza.  Some are pretty detailed and inspiring.  Corner Drug is proud to help sponsor this event each year.

Winning Sculpture 2014

Road grader clearing Highway 32 Jan 2017

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The Teton Valley Snowfest recently wrapped up and the snow sculptures this year were impressive.  Many thanks to the volunteers and others who help make this happen.

We have had a decent winter this year as far as snowfall is concerned.  Many areas of SE Idaho are well over their average numbers for this time of year.  Even the Boise area has gotten more than their usual share of snow.



My snowplow truck got a new engine this year after I lost a chunk of piston going down the road.  Believe it or not but it kept running and I was able to baby it and continue to use it for a couple weeks until we could  get the motor installed between storms.

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