In what many are saying as the driest winter they can remember, one doesn’t have to look very far to see that while this year is out of the ordinary, it is not something that has not happened before.  A good customer of ours, an older lady, tells the story how the year she was born, (I think she said 1940?) was a year similar to this one.  The story is that on the day she was born on the first of February of that year, that her grandmother walked across the bare fields to visit the new baby.  And the rest of the story is that just a few weeks after that pleasant day, that the family had to hitch up the horse team and sleigh in order to get to church because the driveway was blowed shut with snow.  Some say that I jinxed us this year with my earlier post, but just remember that Teton Valley, Idaho may skip an occasional summer, but hasn’t skipped a winter yet.