Spring time means sun comes up north of the Tetons

Spring in Teton Valley and Driggs area means dealing with Mudseason and the back and forth weather pattern of glorious warm days followed by a freeze-your-butt-off cold windy days

Spring time for many of the valley locals means calving time.  (For the city folks who might be reading this it means that the ranchers had their cows impregnated last summer by a certain day to make sure that all the calves will be born on the coldest, windiest, stormiest days of the spring.)  This means that the ranchers get to be “on the go” for a couple of weeks until all the calves have “dropped” and made sure that they have a decent chance of growing enough in the summer to be able to survive the winter after getting weaned from their mothers in the fall.

Spring time also means getting out and riding/walking the fenceline to see what has fallen down over the winter and getting it back into serviceable shape for summer, hoping you can get at least one more summer before a total reconstruct is required.  There is not much worse that getting a call to say that the cows are out on the highway.  (This usually happens when you are in your Sunday clothes on the way to church.)  It also means cleaning the ditches before the water in the canals starts running.

Spring time means pulling the hoses out of the shed and turning on the sprinklers to see what may need to be fixed before the heat of summer arrives.  It means putting the snowmachines away and getting out the summer toys.  It means watching the dogs, cats and horses start to shed their winter coats and their hair blowing around the yard.

Spring time means taking a “yard tour” to see what plants and trees survived the winter.  It means watching the flower beds for signs of bulbs starting to poke up from the ground.  It means watching the trees start to bud and leaf out usually about a month later than out below.

Spring time at the drugstore means sweeping the sidewalks on a daily basis because of the dirt that gets deposited by the wind.  It means checking the soda fountain equipment to see what needs repaired or replaced before summer.  It means pulling out the soda fountain tables and chairs from storage to use again at the soda fountain.  It means (after Memorial Day) that Sally can go buy flowers to put in the window boxes and planters by the front door.  It means filling prescriptions for families that are leaving the area for a springbreak vacation.  It means watching the tourists come in with injuries suffered on the ski hill after getting hurt on the morning ice before it softens to a corn snow later in the day.

It means greeting “old” friends as they return to the valley from their winter houses somewhere south.

Given the above list of spring time chores I wonder just what it is that brings them back here year after year?