Spring in Teton Valley, Idaho is not the same as most places.  It is actually just the beginning of what is known affectionately as “mud season”.  Sometimes a few other colorful adjectives are added to the name depending on the day’s weather

Depending on the springlike weather, Mudseason can last well into June around here.

Just because the snowpack has melted or started to melt is just nature’s way of tricking you to start thinking of planting a garden.  Anyone who has lived in Teton Valley for any length of time will admit that the earliest you can plant outside is to wait until after Memorial Day which is still three months away from the equinox that heralds the end of winter for most of the country.  Even then you can just about expect at least one good frost after Memorial Day.

I remember two years ago we actually had decent spring weather right up until what is known as April Fool’s Day.  We woke up to 12 inches of snow on April 1st.  April Fool’s!

Several weeks ago I decided that I was ready for spring as the snowbanks on the sides of my driveway had grown tall enough and frozen into a bobsled course that even the tractor struggled to push back any farther.

One redeeming quality of spring can be the reflection of the sunset in the puddles from the melting snow.