Have you ever looked at what is on the pharmacy label?  Corner Drug Pharmacy  in Driggs is here to help you understand how to get the most from your pharmacy experience.  Today I will share with you a pharmacy label and help you understand what and where the important information is.

Here is an example of a pharmacy label.  Different pharmacies will have a different looking label but all the basic information will be the same.

In the Blue Box is Corner Drug Pharmacy information including the phone number.  All pharmacy labels will have the dispensing pharmacy information on the label which is why it is helpful to bring your bottle with you to transfer to Corner Drug.

Directly below the blue box it says Rx# 330632.  That is what is known as the prescription number.  Every prescription gets assigned a unique number to that pharmacy.  This number is an easy way to refer to your prescription when calling in refills without having to stumble over awkward pronunciations, (although we do enjoy some of the attempts).

To the right of the number is the pharmacist initials who filled the prescription and the date of that fill.

The next two lines are patient information and address.  If we have an old address in our computer, please let us know so we can update this along with a current phone number.  Our software also lets us send a text message when your refills are ready so if you want that service please share your cell phone number.

Under the patient is the directions for taking the medication that the doctor gave us on the prescription.  If the doctor told you different from what it says please let us know so we can verify with the physician which directions to use.  This becomes important when getting a refill if the insurance thinks a 30 day supply is one pill a day, but the doctor told you to take two pills a day.

Then we come to the name of the medication and it’s strength.  Off to the right is the manufacturer of the medication. Next line shows the quantity and often the brand or generic name is printed for reference.

The name of the prescribing doctor is printed and under the name is a recommended discard date.  This date usually is one year from the date dispensed.

Then the label will show the number of refills remaining along with the expiration date of the prescription.  Sometimes your label may show refills remaining but the expiration date has passed.  In Idaho, pharmacy prescriptions are only good for one year (some controlled medications are less time) at which time they expire and the pharmacy will need a new prescription. Corner Drug Pharmacy will contact your doctor for you to request more refills/new prescription but it is the doctor’s discretion to do this or you may need to be seen before they authorize more medication.

If you have any questions about your pharmacy label please ask us.