Let’s say you go on a trip and after you arrive at your destination you realize that you have either forgotten your medicine or do not have enough pills to last until you return home.  It isn’t the end of the world.  Just find a pharmacy (Corner Drug Pharmacy recommends a locally owned independent instead of a large chain pharmacy, you will get faster and more personal service) and ask to have your prescriptions transferred to wherever you are.  The easiest way to do this is take your empty bottle to the new pharmacy. The bottle’s label contains all the information needed except your insurance card.  If you do not have your bottles, you need to provide the new pharmacy with your old pharmacy phone number and what medication you need transferred.  Don’t forget to show them your insurance card.

If you forgot your medication the insurance will think that you’re trying to “refill to soon” at the new pharmacy.  You will probably need to pay the cash price for enough pills to get you back home since the insurance knows you already filled it and will not pay for an early refill. If you are about ready to refill your medication anyway, then the insurance may let it go through.

Usually the entire prescription including all refills gets transferred and will need to be transferred back to your home pharmacy when you return so don’t throw away that bottle (it has the phone number of the pharmacy).  Be aware that different states have different rules regarding the number of times a prescription can be transferred.  New York state actually only lets one refill get transferred.  Controlled substances (sleeping pills, pain medication) can only be transferred once.  If refills remain at the vacation site your hometown pharmacy will need to call doctor to get a new prescription.  Prescription transfers can only be done if there are refills available on the original prescription.

Corner Drug Pharmacy in Driggs, Idaho offers same day transfers as long as we can contact your pharmacy by phone during their business hours.  We accept most major insurance plans such as Medicare and Idaho Medicaid and many more.  Ask our pharmacist if you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.