So now that we have the prescription entered into the computer, counted out and ready to hand out; how can the customer make this go better?

First, if you have changed insurance since the last time you had anything filled, please present your new insurance card when you drop off the prescription.  This is probably the second biggest bottleneck after regular insurance problems.  Many times people drop off the script and it is ready for them when they return to get it but then find out we had to run it for cash because the insurance on file is no longervalid.  Then they have to wait while we  input the new insurance and figure out the secret code.  The good news is once the secret code for your insurance has been deciphered it stays in the computer (until the insurance company changes it again).  The other good news is that Corner Drug Pharmacy has been filling prescriptions and billing insurance in the Driggs (Teton Valley) area for over 100 years and we are about as good as anyone at making this work smoothly.  Also, as your small town drugstore, we probably know you on a first name basis and the nick-names and family relationships that can throw a new pharmacy off.

Second if you are in need of a refill (that is when the physician originally authorizes multiple fills on a prescription) you can request them in advance either by telephone, by computer/smartphone, or in person and then pick them up at a later time.  If you call the refill in you simply need to give us the prescription number located on your bottle’s label and we take it from there.  You don’t even have to try and say some of those long names, although we do enjoy some of the attempts at pronunciation.  (Corner Drug Pharmacy is almost ready to go live with an online refill system).  We are also proud of the fact that our average refill time is 15 minutes or less.

You can know if you have any refills remaining by simply looking at the label from your most recent fill.  It will state the number of refills remaining. Most pharmacies print this information on their labels.  If it says zero and you need more, understand that your physician will need to authorize more refills for you.  Corner Drug Pharmacy will contact your physician of record and request more refills on your behalf, but you must initiate the process first.  Also please be aware that most physician offices ask for a 24-48 hour turnaround on these requests.

A little more info about refills.  Most prescriptions in Idaho are only good for 12 months from the date they are written.  Some are only good for 6 months depending on the medication.  Understand that if your doctor writes 99 refills, that is medical code for refills as long as the prescription is valid.

I have several sister-in laws who are nurses and one of them is fond of the saying “Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”  What this means is don’t wait to refill your medication the Friday night before you are to leave on a two week cruise Saturday morning.

Next time I will share how to go about transferring your prescriptions to Corner Drug…