The countdown has begun!  Every year at this time my brain goes completely blank as to what to get my wife for V-Day.  One thing I do know is… is…see I’ve already forgotten what I was even going to say.

My wife suggested this as a topic for today’s blog and my first thought was ” Am I being set up?”  So I asked her “Am I going to get in trouble for something I say on here?”

Her response was simply that she “has no expectations anymore”.  Well that makes me feel good.

I have good intentions and I really do love my wife.  After all she is my best friend and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I am just not good at buying gifts for any sort of holiday or special occasion.  But I do have good intentions honey, really!

There always seems to be a few guys out there who excel at making the rest of us look bad, really bad.  My father-in law is a great guy but he falls into this category of making me look bad.  Every year my wife gets a call from her mom gushing over the thoughtful gifts (that’s right not just one) that she received.  My wife pretends to sound happy as she tells the breathtaking gift of socks again.  (You always say you needed socks, see I’m being thoughtful and paying attention).

Okay what does this have to do with Corner Drug?  Since my wife works there I feel that getting something from ourselves doesn’t count.  But that just means that you can get that thoughtful gift from Corner Drug.  We just started our Valentine Sale and have everything from cards to candy and more.  Over the next few weeks I will post ideas both here and on our Facebook account.

Maybe I can wait a few more days for the countdown to begin given I still have a whole two weeks before V-day.